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Heli Attack 2 by SquareCircleco.
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You are an elite soldier, your jet fighter was destroyed in an intense air battle and you eject right into the middle of enemy territory. Waves of enemy helicopters hover over, their guns aimed straight for you. You need to shoot down the enemy helicopters while avoiding their hail of gun fire. Move using the left or right key and use the mouse to aim and click to fire. You can also jump up with the up key and do a hyperjump by hitting the control key while in the air. Use the hyperjump to get above the helicopter and take them down to get a random weapon. You can also use TimeDistort to slow down time and give yourself a longer time to react. Collect weapons and powerups to help you bring down the enemy helicopters.


Arrow Key Left/Right Move Left/Right
Arrow Key Up Jump
Arrow Key Down Duck
End Key Change Weapon
Control Key HyperJump
Shift Key TimeDistort
'P' Key Pause
'K' Key Suicide
'S' Key Sound toggle
Mouse Aim. Click to fire.

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