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Free slot games & no registration slots - this is all what provides you the chance to play until you win unless you intend to play at a real casino, which would require you to deposit some cash. However, each online casino only has thousands of slot machines to offer, not all of them would let you play in the real game with fake (fake money) until you win. In that case, you may find no deposit slots are your best options as these are the ones that let you play and win without having to spend any cash.

Where to Play Free Slot Machines?

You can play slot machines (Demo version) at online casino software developers

Choose provider and enjoy their slots:

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Microgaming Slots
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Pragmatic Play Slots
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Novomatic Slots

Slot Machine Types

There are three kinds of real slot machine types: Video Slot Machines, Reel Deal Slots and No Deposit Slots. No Deposit Slots or Free Slot Machines are usually known as "no deposit" because you will not have to deposit any money before you can start playing. But most of the time, these are the most difficult to win as you may not know where you stand.

Although there are video slots which allow you to play while watching TV, still you need to be familiar with your playing skills. Although you are able to play in front of the TV, it still remains a must for you to know how to play slots. When you play Video Slots, you have the opportunity to choose from various graphics of Slot Machines and make your selections. The graphics of the slot machine vary according to the machine type and you may also make your selections by looking into the screen.

Most of the real slot machine types will allow you to switch between machines, so the first thing you have to do is to identify the one you are really interested in playing. In addition, you have to carefully look into its features. Once you have identified the one that you like, you can continue playing until you win or lose as you feel that you have enough knowledge about the game.

If you would like to improve your skill and win at Video Slot Machines, you can try playing at free slot machines that offer demo games in order to improve your ability. and knowledge. You can even practice for some free slots online, which would be more convenient than actually going to a real casino.

Top 10 free slots 2020

However, there are certain kinds of slots that seem to resonate with players and are commonly found online. These include:

  • 3 reel classic slot machines
  • 5 reel slots
  • Progressive slots
  • Mobile slots
  • Mega spin slots
  • Multi-payline slots
  • 3d Slots
  • High Limit Slots
  • High Paying Slots
  • Free Online Slots
  • High Roller Slots
  • Penny Slots

Slot Features

  • Free Spins
  • Respins
  • Wild Symbols
  • Sticky Wilds
  • Stacked Wilds
  • Expanding Wilds
  • Cascading Wilds
  • Random Wilds
  • Scatter Symbols
  • Gamble Feature
  • Multipliers
  • Bonus Rounds
  • Bonus game
  • Shifting Reels
  • Click and Pick
  • Jackpot
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Extra Symbols
  • Auto Play (Auto mode)
  • Nudge and Hold – “Nudge”

Why play real money slots?

In addition, you can also play many of the online casinos that allow you to register, as long as you have an active internet connection and a valid credit card. They will let you make a deposit the balance of the game into your account. As long as you have a valid PayPal or debit card number, you can make your deposit, and you will have access to their slot machines. This way, you are sure that you will be playing at a legal casino and that all your money is safe with them.

Most of the times, these online slots will allow you to play at different slot machine types. Some of them offer video slots, others offer real slot machine types, and some are even offering the option to make a deposit, or play with a maximum bet, whichever you would prefer.

One of the reasons why so many people prefer to play for real slots online is that playing for real slots offers a lot of money without any risks or worries of losing anything. However, the best thing about it is that you can enjoy the game while having fun without even getting into trouble with spending a single cent.

The Best Slot in 2020

The following slots are ordered in terms of highest payout percentage:

  1. Avalon II - 97%
  2. Guns Roses - 96.98%
  3. Thunderstruck II - 96.65%
  4. Wheel of Fortune - 96.6%
  5. Mega Fortune - 96.4%
  6. Starburst - 96.1%
  7. Wizard of Oz - 95.99%
  8. Flaming Hot - 95.53%
  9. Book of Ra Deluxe - 95.5%
  10. Triple Diamond - 95.06%

The casino played a song of its own—slot machines dinging, chips clacking as the dealer passed them out to the players at the tables, and the chatter of people throwing down money with the hope of hitting it big. It was like a carnival for adults. A person could get lost for days in a place like this. - Michelle Madow, The Secret Diamond Sisters

Slot Glossary: Common Words and Terms Associated with Slot Machines

When you use slot machines, whether they’re physical or digital slot machines, you will probably see different slot machine terminology passed around. You might not understand all of these terms even if you’re an experienced player. Casinos come out with new slot machine terms all the time, which forces players to continuously educate themselves on the latest terms that have been made available.

There are so many new and exciting slot machines games coming out all the time. If you want to look like a bigshot at a casino, then you can impress people by demonstrating your knowledge of slot machine terminology. All you need to do is learn the slot machine terms and what they mean.

Below is a comprehensive slot glossary for your convenience:

Term Description
3D Video Slots A type of slot game that uses 3D video, animation and other rich visual graphics to include as part of the gameplay. Animated graphics may even be incorporated into the symbols and the result of striking a win. 
3-Reel An online slot machine with three rows and three reels. There are symbols lined up on each row.
5-Reel An online slot machine with up to four rows and five reels. There are symbols lined up on each row.
243 Ways to Win A slot game that offers multiple ways to win rather than one way to win. For example, you could have paylines that go horizontal, vertical, and diagonal in several different directions. Any combination of symbols on those paylines could be a winner.
Action The total amount of money betted on a single slot game session is called the slot action. It is a combination of the total amount won and lost. Some casinos issue slots club cards to players, which allow the latter to track their various slot actions.
All Ways A slot game usually found on the internet. It offers hundreds of different potential paylines to the player. Not only can players win by matching symbols from left to right, but they can also win by matching symbols from right to left.
Annuity Winner If someone wins the jackpot on a slot machine, they can choose to have their payout come in annual installments rather than get paid all at once. The choice of annual installments would make them an “annuity winner.” Some people choose this option for tax purposes. 
Autospin Some slot games have an “autospin” feature. It allows players to set how many spins they want to have in the game automatically.
AWP An acronym that means “Amusement with Prizes.” You’ll usually find AWP as a feature of traditional slot games, especially ones with fruit symbols. If a slot machine offers an interactive experience to players, then it will have AWP. For instance, a slot machine might include a game board with various buttons that players can use to select options for their game. There is no skill required for these games. In the United Kingdom, they previously had AWP slot games like Pot-O-Gold and Cherry Master. Unfortunately, online slot gaming has made AWP slot games almost obsolete.
Basic Slots A traditional slot machine or game with one payline only. It will also have a fixed jackpot amount for every game. The jackpot will never change.
Bet The amount of money you wager before you spin the slot reels.
Bet Max Most slot games do not allow players to bet more than a specific number of credits per spin. This maximum number of credits is called the “Bet Max.” You will usually see a button on the machine or in the virtual game that is labeled “Bet Max.” Once you press the button, it will automatically cause you to bet the maximum number of credits allowed for that spin.
Bet Min Every slot game requires you to bet a minimum number of credits per spin. The minimum bet amount is called the “Bet Min.”
Bet One Betting one credit or unit of currency per spin is known as a “Bet One.”
Betting Units Units refers to the amount of money you bet in a particular currency denomination. For instance, one unit might be worth $1 or $5, depending on the location and the minimum bet set for the game. Betting units is the equivalent of betting credits. They mean the same thing.
Big Bertha Some physical casinos attract players by placing extra-large slot machines out where everyone can see them. The slang term for these huge slot machines is “Big Bertha.” They often have several more reels than ordinary slot machines too.
Big Hit Big Hit is another way to describe a player who “hits” the jackpot after matching the proper symbols in a payline
Bonus Feature A slots game may reward players with a bonus that comes in the form of free spins, additional payouts, wild cards or symbols
Bonus Multiplier Slot Machines These slot machines offer greater jackpot rewards to players who bet the most credits allowed per spin and then win. 
Bonus Round Players will sometimes be given a free spin for the chance to win additional cash or other prizes.
Branded Slots Many slot machines are designed around a particular brand or theme, such as a movie or television show. The graphics, videos, and interactive features you see on a branded slot machine will revolve around that theme.
Candle A slot machine with a light on top is called a “candle.” When the player pushes the help button on the machine, it will cause the light to flash. It is supposed to signal for a staff member to come over and assist you at the machine. People who have trouble operating the machine or need to make change will be the ones to push this button. 
Carousel When a group of slot machines are arranged in a circular or round formation, it is called a carousel. Casinos use carousels if a group of slot machines share a particular theme or feature. For instance, a carousel of slot machines might have the same “Bet Min” or currency denomination.
Cascading Reels A slot machine with cascading reels will give the winning player another win. After a winning combination of symbols is achieved, the symbols above them will replace those winning symbols. It gives the player additional chances to win and clam more prizes within the same spin.
Cashback An active player with a slots club card can take advantage of special rewards, which are called cashback.
Certified Slots Physical casinos might promote certified slot machines to guests. These slot machines are supposed to have a 98% guaranteed payout rate.
Classic The classic style slot machines still existing in some casinos. Vintage slots require players to pull a hand lever to spin the reels of the machine. You’ll usually have only one payline with three symbols that you need to match to win a prize. There are no bonus features.
Coin In / Coin Out Coin in is how many units or credits that you bet. Coin out is how many units or credits that you won.
Coins If a slot machine accepts coins for betting purposes, then the term “coin” refers to the currency denomination for each coin that is bet. It could be one dollar, one pound, one euro, and so on.
Coin Hopper When a player wins coins during a slot game, the coins are held by a mechanical device that is called a “coin hopper.” When the player wants to cash out their winnings, the coin hopper will rotate inside of the slot machine and release the coins into the tray. The player collects the coins from the tray.
Coin Size The bet amount required for a specific slot game. Sometimes each payline will have its own required bet amount.
Cold Slots If a slot machine does not offer any winnings to players for a long time, it is called a “cold slot.”
Collect The more sophisticated slot machines may have a “collect” button on it. This button lets players exchange their coins or credits for cash money.
Comps Comps is short for complimentary rewards. They are offered to slot club members who’ve accumulated enough points. The rewards might include free meals, hotel rooms or other nice accommodations.
Console Slot Machines You won’t see too many console slot machines anymore. They were most popular during the 1930s and 1940s. Their purpose was to make the slots games more exciting and enjoyable for players. They were really the first slot machines to have gorgeous and unique designs. If you visit an antique dealer who collects casino memorabilia, then you could probably find a console slot machine in their inventory.
Credits When you put coins into a slot machine, they are converted into credits. The credits are what you use to bet on a spin. Each credit could be worth one dollar, one pound or any other currency denomination.
Credit Meter The meter on the slot machine that shows how many credits are available for betting purposes. You might see the meter as part of the video animation or in a separate section lit up with LED lights. 
Denomination The currency value per credit for the slot machine. It could be one pound, one dollar, and so on.
Doubles When the same symbol appears twice from a spin, it is called a double. The player usually wins double the normal prize amount.
Dragonfish In 2017, an internet slot game maker called “Dragonfish” was founded. They have grown in popularity very quickly.
Drops A term used specifically with online slots games. It is when symbols “drop” on the reels into a perfect position.
Drop Bucket When the coin hopper rotates and releases its stored coins, the coins fall into the “drop bucket.” It is common for slot machines with low denominations to use drop buckets because their payouts are so small.
EGM EGM is short for the term “Electronic Gaming Machine.”
Expanding Wilds A unique version of the “wild” symbol found on slot machines. When you get an expanding wild symbol on a reel, it expands and covers the rest of the reel. This results in more credits won.
Feature Feature is another way of referring to bonuses that are rewarded by a slot machine, such as free spins. 
Fixed Value Slots Slot machines that require the player to bet one specific denomination or coin size for each spin. The player cannot change the betting amount.
Five Liner A slot machine that features three reels and five separate paylines. You’ll have three horizontal paylines and two diagonal paylines.
Freeplay / Free-to-play Slot games that are played for fun. There is no money bet or won. The gameplay is free. 
Free Spin The slot machine might reward the player an extra spin as a bonus in some cases. They won’t have to bet any money for that spin. 
Fruit Machine When slot machines were originally introduced in the United Kingdom, the British people called them “fruit machines.” The reason is that all the symbols on the reels were images of fruit. 
Gamble Gamble is a basic term to describe when a player bets money on a spin with the hopes of doubling their bet.
Games Per Hour The number of slot games allowed to be played per hour. The term normally refers to a coin-operated slot machine. The average games per hour is 500, although it will vary based on the speed of the player.
Hammer a Machine If a player stays on the same slot machine for a long time with the hopes of winning the jackpot, they are trying to “hammer a machine.” It is a slang term.
Hit and Run A player does a “hit and run” when they play a slot machine with a single payline and bet the most credits possible on it. After a couple of spins, they will move onto a different slot machine if they don’t win anything on the previous slot machine.
Hit Frequency The average payout on a slots game. For instance, if the hit frequency is four, the slots game is expected to offer one payout after every four spins.
Hold Percentage The average percentage of the player’s money that is lost to the casino on a particular slot machine. For instance, if the slot machine has a 10% hold, then it might keep $1 for every $10 that is bet on average.
Hot Slots Slot machines with high payout rates are called “hot slots.”
Icons Another name for slot symbols is “icons.” People used to call them symbols until digital technology took over the casino industry. That was when casinos started passing around the computer term “icons” to refer to the symbols on slot machine reels.
IGT In 1990, the slot game maker “IGT” was established. They became very popular in the gaming industry over the next three decades.
Instant Winner A slots player is an instant winner if they win a jackpot that gets paid out immediately rather than in yearly installments.
I-Slot An online slot game that lets players save their spot during a bonus round so that they can resume the bonus round at a later date.
Jackpot The number one prize that can be won from playing a slot machine. This prize pays the most amount of money.
Line Bet Slot machines with multiple paylines might let players bet on one or more lines. If you “Bet Max,” then it would let you play all the paylines.
Linked Progressive Jackpot Physical casinos might link multiple slot machines together in order for them to share the same jackpot prize. In other words, the players of multiple slot machines are contributing toward increasing that one big jackpot prize. One person from one of those slot machines will win.
Loose Slots A loose slot machine means it strikes more wins for players on average.
Max Bet Another term for “Bet Max.” It refers to a player who bets the most amount of credits allowed for a single spin on a slot machine. It might have a button labeled “Max Bet” to make it easier for the player to place this bet.
MEAL book MEAL book stands for “Machine Entry Authorization Log” book. All of the entries of the casino employees are entered and tracked in this book.
Megabucks Megabucks is the name of a famous physical slot machine series manufactured by IGT. It has paid out more progressive jackpots than any other series of slot machines. Its highest record-setting single jackpot win was $37 million. It was paid in yearly installments over the course of 25 years. Over $167 million has been paid to approximately 11 jackpot winners.
Mega Fortune Mega Fortune is the name of an online slots game. It holds the record for the highest online slots jackpot payout, which was $17 million. Net Entertainment was the creator of Mega Fortune. It is one of the most popular online slots game in the world, especially in Europe.
Mega Moolah Mega Moolah is an online slots gaming series that revolves around an African savanna theme. It has paid out the largest progressive jackpot amounts of any other online slots gaming series. Some people refer to it as the “millionaire maker” because it has made so many people millionaires overnight. That is why it is one of the most popular online slots games in the world.
Microgaming Microgaming is a classic manufacturer of online slots games. In 1994, they created one of the very first virtual casinos on the internet.
Mobile Slots Slot games that you can play on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The games are made with Javascript or HTML5, which makes them playable on major operating systems like Android or iOS.
Multi-Line Bonus Slot Machine Slot machines with several paylines in their games. Some have up to 50 paylines.
Multiplier A bonus feature in some slot games. When the player performs a bonus spin, they have the chance to multiply their winnings by as much as 10 times.
Multi-way A betting system associated with online slots. It has the potential to have thousands of paylines.
Near Miss If a slots player comes close to getting a winning combination but fails, it is called a “near miss.”
NetEnt NetEnt is a renowned online casino games manufacturer. They’ve created online slot machine games for more than two decades.
NextGen NextGen has spent over 20 years developing online slots games and physical slot machines for casinos.
Nudge Slot Some slot machines come with a special “nudge” feature, which allows players to move a payline up or down so that a winning combination can be made.
One Armed Bandit The classic slot machine model with one large lever on the side of it. The player must pull the lever in order to spin the reels of the slot machine. The lever is referred to as the arm, hence the name “one arm.” The word “bandit” is in reference to the classic American outlaws of the southern U.S. states, which was a region of the country that helped popularize slot machines.
One-Liner A slot machine with one reel and one payline. The player must match three winning symbols.
Onesies A player that bets one credit per spin on a slot machine.
Optimal Play When the player of a skill-based slot game uses an optimum strategy, the return rate of the strategy is called “Optimal Play.”
Payback Percentage Every slot game pays back a certain percentage of money to players throughout a specific time period. This is called the “Payback Percentage.”
Payline After the slot reels stop spinning, a winning combination of symbols must appear on a particular line for the player to receive a prize. This line is called the “payline.” A slot game could have one or more paylines.
Payout The amount of money paid when a particular winning combination is achieved on a slots game.
Pay Table Each slot machine has a table or chart that shows all the possible winning combinations and the amount paid for each combination.
Penny Slots A low-stakes slot machine where one credit is equal to one penny. You don’t see these slot machines so much anymore in the United States because the value of a penny is practically worthless now. However, there are still low-stakes slot machines in the United States with slightly higher amounts per credit. Low-stakes slot machines are more popular in other countries, which use the lowest coin denomination possible in their currency.
Pick Me Some slot games have a bonus feature called “Pick Me.” It lets players choose symbols to receive hidden rewards and prizes.
Playtech Playtech is a prestigious gambling software designer and manufacturer. The company was started in 1999. Since then, it has dominated the online gambling industry.
Pokies Australians use this term when talking about online slot games.
Primary Jackpot The highest prize amount that can be won on a slot machine or slots game.
Progressive Slot Machines Slot machines that increase their jackpot after each time someone plays on them.
Reel Stop One slot reel position after the reel stops.
Reels These are the disks that you see spinning around after you pull the lever or push the “Spin” button on the slot machine. Each disk has a series of symbols that spin along with it. After the reels stop, various symbols from each reel will form a payline in one or more directions. 
RNG or Random Number Generator A computer software program for slot machines. It is designed to choose a random combination of symbols for each spin.
Rows The horizontal lines on the reels that create a combination of symbols. 
Scatter Pay A bonus feature on some slot machines. When a specific symbol is on the payline after a spin, the player wins no matter what the other symbols may be.
Second Screen Bonus A bonus feature found on some video slots games. If the player scores a winning combination on the first screen, it will cause them to see a second screen bonus. On this second screen, the player has the chance to win even more prizes.
Select Lines Some slot games let players choose how many paylines they want. These are called “Select Lines.”
Short Pay If a slot machine does not have enough coins to execute a full payout for the player, then a partial payout called a “Short Pay” is executed. The remaining balance of the payout is usually delivered by a casino staff member.
Short Win A player who wins the jackpot without playing the game for a long time.
Signature Slots The slot machines branded by the casino.
Skill Bonus A bonus feature where the player must play a skill game, such as target shooting, to win more prizes.
Skill Stop Some slot machines allow players to push a “Stop” button to stop the reels prematurely instead of automatically.
Slant Top A slot machine with a chair or stool in the front of it, so players can sit and play at the same time.
Slot Club A casino membership program for players. It gives them incentive rewards and other complimentary gifts for being active slots players.
Slot Host A casino employee who assists slots players and addresses their membership questions or concerns. The employee will even offer them complimentary drinks, meals and shows if they bet large sums of money on the slots. The purpose of a slot host is to keep players happy in one casino so that they don’t go to another casino and spend money there instead.
Slot Schedule The pay table of a slot machine. It shows the payouts of all the winning combinations for the game. You’ll find the schedule on the side of the machine in most cases.
Slot Talk A slang term that refers to players and hosts that exchange information between themselves.
Slot Testing When a player tries to discover the payout ratio of a slot game by betting a roll of coins to evaluate it. 
Slot Tournament A competition between slots players who are trying to win a grand prize.
Slot Type The type of slot machine, such as a basic slot machine, bonus slot machine or progressive slot machine.
Slots A short name to describe a slot machine or slots game.
Slots Drop The amount of money gambled on a slot machine. 
Slots Hold The amount of money not paid to the winning player on a slot machine.
Sound of Rain When a slots player cashes out, the machine drops coins into the tray. The sound you hear as the coins drop is sometimes called the “Sound of Rain.”
Spin The rotation or spinning of the slot reels. When the player pulls the lever or pushes the “Spin” button, it causes this action to occur.
Stacked Symbols A reel with the same symbol showing all over it, or on most of it.
Stacked Wilds Wild symbols that alternate and appear over each other.
Streaky Slots Slot machines or games that can go hot or cold at different times.
Symbols The pictures, graphics, or icons that appear on the slot reels. For instance, the classic fruit symbols on slot reels include cherries, lemons and oranges. It all depends on the theme of the slot machine.
Taste When a player continues to bet money on the slots and receives a small payout, it is called a “taste.”
Theoretical Hold Worksheet The manufacturer’s manual for a slot machine. It states the theoretical percentage of money in which the machine ought to hold in conjunction with the amount of money betted. The manual also provides information about the machine settings, payout schedules, number of reels and so on.
Three Liner A slot machine or game that uses three reels. The objective is to match three of the same symbols to win the prize.
Tilt A failsafe system built into a slot machine to prevent someone from moving or tampering with the machine in order to win. The system will often trigger an alarm if it detects a tilt.
TITO: Ticket In / Ticket Out Slot machines where printed tickets are issued for payouts instead of coins. The player can take the ticket to the cashier and exchange it for money or coins.
Tight Slots Slot machines with a reputation for having fewer payouts in comparison to loose slot machines.
Total Bet The total amount of money or credits betted at a single time on one machine or game.
Trail An extra bonus feature of some slot games. It lets players move up a ladder or around a track for the chance to win additional prizes.
Tumbling Reels Another way to describe cascading reels. It is when the symbols above the winning combination are used to allow the player more chances to win from the same spin.
Two Liner A slot machine with two reels and requires the player to line up six symbols on two paylines.
Up / Down Slot Cycle When a slot machine experiences fluctuations to its average payout percentage.
Variance The amount of risk involved in playing a slots game or machine. Low variance would mean that players have a chance of winning more frequently, but only smaller amounts of money. High variance means that players won’t win so much, but the few wins that do take place will be big wins.
Video Slots Slot machines that show digital reels on a computer screen rather than physical reels and moving pieces. These are the most common slot machines found today. The video technology associated with these slot machines allows more creative effects and visually imagery to be seen as well. It makes the gaming experience more entertaining and exciting for the players.
Virtual Reel Reels controlled by computer programs. They are usually programmed to randomize the combination of each spin.
Wager Management The bankroll management system. It allows the player to manage their money as they play the slots.
Well If you look at the very bottom of any physical slot machine, you will see a box where all the coins are held after a player cashes out. This box is the “well.”
WAP or Wide Area Progressive Slot machines from different casinos that are connected together and share the same progressive jackpots.
Weight Count An American term for the specific dollar amount of the credits or coins taken from the drop bucket of a slot machine and then weighed on a scale to figure out the amount. In other words, the weight of the coins determines their value.
Wild Symbol Slots Alternative symbols that allow a player to win automatically, regardless of the other symbols on the payline.
Wild Multiplier A bonus feature associated with winning after getting wild symbols.
Win Anytime a particular combination of symbols rewards you with a prize.
Win Both Ways Slot machines with paylines that let players win by matching symbols from right to left and left to right.
Zig Zag Some multi-line slot machines allow players to win by forming a zig zag instead of only a straight line or diagonal line.

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