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Demo Free Slots - You have just found the best place to play free online slots! When you're ready, just head over to our massive list of online slots, including video slots. With more than 5,000 free games available, most people will find their favourite casino slots. So, get ready for your slot games adventure, as we've long and far, from the Amazonian jungle to the Slots Temple. At FreeGameAccess, there is no need for signing up, downloading, installing, or paying, we're a free slots casino!

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Following a path of luck, FreeAccessGames has been hidden by many for a long, long time. It's a place where slot enthusiasts gather for fun and relaxation. With thousands of free slot machines and a "try, before you buy" environment, everyone can have fun at FreeAccessGames!

With the largest selection of slots across the world, FreeAccessGames is determined to provide free slots to players worldwide for the ultimate online casino experience. We provide free slots, no downloading or registration required, it is truly free to play. We are cross-platform compatible, available on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices!

It's always best to play online slots for free before risking real money, which is why we offer thousands of slots at FreeGameAccess. This gives players the chance to test out any of the online slots that interests them first, for free! Get free spins, check out video slots, get a feel for the theme, and betting range before making a financial commitment.

FreeGameAccess Guide To Playing

The following is a brief guide to playing free slots online:

  1. Go to

  2. Search for slot machines that interest you or browse for free slots categorised by theme or developer
  3. Choose "New to Old" to see the newest slots first
  4. Find a slot machine you want to try out and click the title
  5. On the slot page, you can check out reviews and start playing!


Slots have always been a big hit with casinos, and the same goes for online casinos. Slot machines have been evolving rapidly as developers continue releasing new slots with new and updated game engines and mechanics. There are even some newer releases that have started experimenting with VR slot machines!

Although slot machines are commonplace in all casinos and online gambling sites, it has not always been that way. Let's take a look at the history of slot machines starting from, well, the beginning.

The Early Days

Most slot machine experts believe the first slot machine can be traced back to 1891, well over 100 years ago! Although, compared to the slot machines in casinos today, it would be hard to recognise as a slot machine.

Developed and released by the Sittman and Pitt company, what's believed to be the first slot machine used five mechanical drums and playing cards. The cost to play was a nickel and quickly became a popular game across American with all the bars wanting one.

In 1985, Charles Augustus Fey - an entrepreneur that acknowledged the potential of the slot machine – decided to construct a slot machine with an automatic payout system. Unlike with the original slot from Sittman and Pitts which required going to the bartender to claim winnings.

His determination for an automatic payout would result in The Liberty Bell slot machine. In addition to auto payouts, the upgraded device used symbols instead of playing cards. Today, the bell, cherry and various fruit symbols that many still associate with slot machines.

Although slot machines were banned in 1902. The prohibition of slots would only last five years, with more slot machines released in 1907.

Introduction Of Electromechanical

Things in the world of slot machines didn't change much until 1964 when the Bally company designed the electromechanical slot machine. They named it Money Honey, and the company is still operating today. Money Honey was the first slot game released that did not use any physical elements. Instead, it used a video graphic display to represent the spinning action. Players would pull the handle, triggering the visual spin on a small screen.

It wasn't until a decade or more later that the Fortune Coin company would give this an upgrade using a 19-inch Sony TV, creating a new milestone in the history of slot machines. The California based company created a larger visual area for players, and it did not take long to become a hit among casinos, especially in Las Vegas. Shortly after, the Nevada Gaming Commission approved it, leading to IGT – a leader in iGaming development today - acquiring Fortune Coin a few years later.

With the continuous technological advancements available, it allowed developers to further upgrade the slot machine with various features that would add excitement and fun for players. For instance, bonus rounds were one of the additional features that provided free spins and other bonus games.

As technology continued to advance, other features became available such as progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot gave players the chance to win a life-changing amount per spin. For instance, progressive jackpots in Las Vegas could reach the millions, greatly increasing popularity. Progressive jackpots are still used today, both in physical slot machines and online slots.

Virtual and Video Games

During the 1990s, it was obvious the internet would change everything, including how slot machines were played. Developers began noticing these changes and new slot machine companies were appearing near new millennium, such as Microgaming.

Microgaming was developing slot machines that would be fully virtual using random number generators. Players were able to download and play. This resulted in the popularity of online casinos, leading to industry pioneers such as NetEnt. In 2009, they released Gonzo's Quest, an HD online slot machine which became one of the top video slot games in history. This game would forever change the future of slots by introducing new features and game mechanics.

There have been hundreds of gambling developers aiming to get in on the slot action since the late 2000s. The majority of slot machines continue to use the 3-row, 5-reel design offering free spins, there are some that push the limits. Big Time Gaming is one company that's known for pioneering the iGaming world thanks to the Megaways mechanic.

This mechanic ultimately changed 'slotting', and has clearly shown players look for the games which can have a chance at a massive payout. That is why slot games released today are some of the most volatile slots ever. There's even some that pay out more than 100,000x the players stake, wow!


Game developers of all kinds are working to push the boundaries of what can be done, and that goes for slot machines too. We have already seen a massive leap in gaming in recent years with 3D slots, social gaming, and VR gaming. Innovation is a clear future for the gaming industry.

While some concepts end up in the scrap pile, many key developers are introducing major advancements, such as NetEnt and Infinireels or Big Time Gaming with their Megaways. Other key developers include Quickspin, Elk Studios, Red Tiger Gaming, and Thunderkick.

In the future, VR slot machines will likely be the next popular trend, but Virtual Reality itself is still catching on so that trend could be a ways off. Although, as technology continues to advance - and costs of hardware goes down – VR slots may not be far behind.

How To Play Demo For Free

The online slot machine demos are usually free-play versions of the real-money version, meaning winnings are also play-money. You begin with around 5,000 coins, some offer more depending on the game. If your balance runs out, simply refresh, and your balance will reset.

Some of the online slots are developer demos, which offer players a selection of which features to test out from a dropdown menu. For example, Blueprint Gaming's free-play slots. That way, players can decide if they like a certain feature without spending real-money and time for bonus rounds to activate regularly.


While slot demos are using play-money, it is recommended that players wager as though it is real-money bets. That would provide a more accurate idea if you enjoy the game or not based on your budget.

When it comes to online casinos, the key to enjoying the experience is bankroll management, and players should avoid investing more than they can afford to lose. So, by discovering how quickly the play-money balance goes down in the demo, it would be a good sign to look for another slot demo that's more budget-friendly.

Most online slots offer an autoplay feature. Some will offer loss limits to be set when using autoplay. Using this feature allows players to limit a loss while tracking spending.

What To Remember?

At Slots Temple, our team of gaming experts recommend that you always perform 150 to 200 rounds of slot machine demo before deciding whether to spend real money. That gives you a sense of the game. When playing, please note:

Graphics and Themes

If you don't participate from the start, the game may not be worth the money. You want to play an online slot machine that will draw you into the game with excellent graphics and topics that interest you. There are dozens of different slot machine themes out there, and the developers are always excellent games with a unique Art Nouveau style-so don't settle for games that are not aesthetically appealing.

One of the most eye-catching slot machine themes is Jammin' Jars by Push Gaming.

Bet Size

The bet sizes offered in online slot games will vary. That needs to be a consideration when it comes to playing online demo slots. You are a penny slot player and the minimum bet for the game is 1, it may not be your correct title. On the other hand, if you bet too high and want to take some significant risks, then a game with a maximum odds of 5 may be a little under budget for you.

Hit Frequency

A review can show you information like volatility and RTPs, but there is no way that you will know how it will play until you try it. It is best that you keep track of how big the wins are and how often you are winning while playing a demo game of slots. The experience is going to get randomised. However, it is best to know if slots are going to pay out enough times to keep you interested in them.


There are many times that you can play a slots game for what seems like forever before you finally get a bonus game. Yet, it is best that you discover this while you play demo slots instead of a real money slot to find this out. Again, pay attention to how long it takes you to get a bonus and if you are okay with the amount of time.

If you don't have the time to play up to 200 rounds of demo slots games that you are interested in, then look at the reviews. There is a section that will talk about how long a slot game will play and that can help you to find out if it is going to be within your budget and what you like without having to spend your money to spin reels.

Free Mobile Slots

Even though you are playing it as an ancient temple, and its time to keep up with the times, which means free mobile slot machines! The demand for playing slot machines on mobile devices is even higher than the demand for playing games on computers, which is why every free slot machine we have can get used as a mobile game. The reason for that is so you can enjoy free slots no matter where you are.


You can get free online slots for Android, and you do not need to download in order to play. At Slots Temple, if you are online, you can play Android Slots for free. All our games are available on desktop and Android, so if you have an Android device, you will be lucky!

The Android platform is very suitable for HTML5 slot games produced by all major slot machine manufacturers (think WMS, IGT, NetEnt, etc.), and more and more Android Mobile experiences are comparable (or even better) to desktops. Slots are interactive and provide an immersive experience, so much that there are many Android Free Slot games for your entertainment, we prefer the laptop version!


As the iOS mobile operating system has become a behemoth in recent years, an entire industry around iPhone Slots free games will inevitably emerge. Therefore, if you want to launch "Angry Birds" into a building to tip it over, you can shoot according to your preferences. Similarly (the street is further away), you can play free slot machines on your iPhone until you are full.

In the early days, everything was about Free Slots apps in the iOS store. Although these apps are still available, it is more common to play iPhone Free Slots directly from sites like this one. Every game we provide on-site can get played on the iPhone, so please pick and rotate it!

iPad and Tablet

Although tablets and iPads are much larger than phones, they use the same technology as mobile slots, not the slots you play on your laptop or PC. The reason is that many tablets do not support Flash, and you need to use the same touch screen technology as a mobile device to play the slots on the Tablet.

Therefore, every slot we have available on a mobile device is also available on a tablet. That is excellent news for you, for free slot lovers who own a tablet, every game we have on-site is compatible with your device.

Types of Slots

There are all sorts of free slots available whether it is Megaways, Progressive Jackpots, Expanding Wilds, Bonus Rounds, Respins, Free Spins, or Cascading Reels. You can search by features, themes, or maker, so no worries there are thousands of free slots that you can play.

Try Bonus Features by Playing Demo Slots

When you play free slot machines online, you will encounter games with many different bonus features. If you are not familiar with the specific bonuses of any slot machine, you should try the demo version of the game to understand exactly how these features work and whether they appeal to your game taste.

In most cases, you have to play a slot machine for a while before triggering any additional features, but some developers make it easy for you. For example, when you play the Blueprint Gaming demo slot, you can use the Force feature to try out free spins and other bonus games.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slot machines have always been top-rated among online slot players-for apparent reasons. They provide the opportunity to win life-changing money in one spin. Imagine the excitement of watching these scrolls align with the symbols that bring you millions of dollars! We can all dream!

In the slot machine temple, we will not provide you with the opportunity to win millions of dollars in progressive free slots. If you don't spend money to play, I'm afraid you will not get the jackpot. However, we do allow you to use all ranges of jackpot slot machines for free, so you can test them, see if you like them, and check their performance before putting your hard-earned money into real games. We have all the most essential online jackpot slot machines on sites like Jackpot Giant, Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah, and a bunch more.

If you are not familiar with how progressive ad slots work, please take a quick look at the following:

  1. 1. Each jackpot is seeded in a specific amount. Regardless of whether it is 1,000 or 1 million, each jackpot starts from a specific prize pool.
  2. 2. Every time a player places a bet in the game, a small portion will get contributed to the jackpot pot. That is why they crawl every minute.
  3. 3. After winning the jackpot, the game will be reset to its seed number. Then, the process restarts.

You can spin these progressive old tiger machines for free, but if you spin them in exchange for real money, you have a chance to win impressive life-changing awards.

Land-Based Slots

Slot machines that started life on the casino floor all over the world have been entering our home through online slot machine manufacturers such as WMS, Aristocrat, and IGT, but now the stream has become the trend of the game. That is good news for us, free slot players at Slots Temple – high-quality Las Vegas-style entertainment is available in our homes for free! We have a series of games, such as Titanic, Wizard of Oz, She's A Rich Girl and Cleopatra slots online.

Slots Themes

There is a wide range of themes with over 4500 free slots for you to play and each one in a different theme. The most popular slots are where you can find the perfect online slots, which is right here.

Candy Slots: If there is a sweet tooth, then these should allow anyone to enjoy spinning the wheels on vibrant and bright games like Candyland and SugarPop.

Cat Slots: These adorable creatures tend to get featured in plenty of slots. They can get found in games like Not Enough Kittens and Kitty Glitter.

Egyptian Slots: Enter a time when pharaohs ruled Egypt. Visit the Sphinx and explore pyramids in slots like Queen of the Nile and Cleopatra. 

African Slots: Enjoy exploring the Sahara in Africa while you spin the reels on slots like Silver Lion and Diamond Chief.

Aztec Slots: The Ancient Mayan civilisation is where it is with games like Aztec Warrior Princess and Gonzo's Quest.

Gems and Diamonds: Enjoy dazzling slots with sparkling images on Lightning Gems and Da Vinci Diamonds.

Holiday themes: There are many themes here to help you celebrate any holiday, such as New Year, Christmas and Easter. Enjoy your holiday while spinning the reels on advertising spots such as " Christmas Carol and Nice List.

Board games: Some of the most popular board games have gotten redesigned as slot machines. You can play games like Battleship Direct Hit and Monopoly Megaways to get a chance of winning.

Fairy tale slots: Play slot machines based on famous fairy tales such as Pixies of the Forest and the frog princess to relive childhood fantasy.

Space slots: 3, 2, 1-explode! Travel through space, explore planets, and encounter alien life in surreal world slots such as Stars Awakening and Space Invaders

Asian Slots: Slot machines set up in China and Japan are still top-rated in-person and online casinos. You will be able to explore these two beautiful cultures in games such as Choy Sun Doa and Bushido Code.

Mexican Slots: Vibrant graphics and Mariachi music are standard features of Mexican-themed slot machines. You will feel like you are celebrating a festive celebration with games such as Paco & The Popping Peppers and Spinata Grande.

Nature and wildlife slots: You can walk in the woods without leaving the comfort of your own home. Slot machines like Seasons and Wolf Run do an excellent job of portraying wildlife in their natural habitat.

Horror and Halloween Slots: You don't have to wait for Halloween to be surprised. There are many impressive online slot machines based on horror themes of zombies, vampires and ghosts. If you like a little fear, then try Blood Queen and Immortal Romance. 

Food-themed slots: Does it feel a bit pecked? Then, you are lucky. There are many delicious slot machines to satisfy your appetites, such as Win Sum Dim Sum and Mamma Mia.

Underwater Slots: Perform deep-sea diving to achieve a major victory. You will find many slots set on the bottom of the sea, such as Lucky Angler and Captain Nemo.

Classic slots: If you like simpler games, more similar to traditional fruit machines in bars, then games such as Mystery Joker and Double Diamond and are ideal for you.

Branded Slot Machines

Pop culture is often used for branding slots to bring in various crowds. They can be located all over the internet, and in physical casinos too. Slots designed around video games, musicians, movies, etc. are everywhere. Here at FreeGameAccess, we offer hundreds of different free slot machines, such as the following:

Movies: This type of branded slot is very popular with online slots. For instance, hits like Aliens, Iron Man, The Goonies, Jurassic Park, and so many others give players a cinematic experience.

Bands and Musicians: This type of slot machine often provides great music from popular musicians or bands as the reels spin, such as Jimi Hendrix.

Comic Books: With slot machines featuring Fantastic Four, Superman and Batman there's an online slot for any comic fan.

Video Games: There are slots based on various games such as Hitman or Tomb Raider, and themed such as Arcader.

TV Shows: Like with movies, online slot machines offer TV themes as well, such as Highlander or Family Guy.

Sort Slot Machines By Features

An avid slot player may already know what type of machines and features are preferred. Our extensive list of slots can be sorted quickly by feature. The following are some of the features that can be used for narrowing the search:

Free Spins: Many players enjoy the free spin bonus games because it does not require a bet and you get a specific number of free spins.

Bonus Games: There are some slot machines designed with off-screen bonus games, such as a pick-me round or prize wheel. These can offer a nice bonus payouts.

Volatility: The term references the payout frequency of a particular slot machine and can be used to estimate the prize amounts as well. Whereas high volatility wins less often but pays more and low volatility to win more often, but have smaller prizes.

High Payout Slots: For players looking for the slots with the highest payout, this feature quickly sorts out the slot machines with the largest payout percentage.

Clusters: Instead of having to get matching symbols in a row, a cluster bonus creates more wins through the number of symbols shown across the screen.

Nudges: A nudge feature allows players to move (or nudge) specific symbols, like a winning symbol or stacked wild.

Megaways: These type of slot machines offers players thousands of ways to win, a mechanic patented by Big Time Gaming. Megaways offer players increasing multipliers, free spins, and sometimes other features.

Gamble: A not so common feature these days, but still present in some slot machines. This feature enables players to gamble their win with a chance to double the prize. Usually with a game of High-Lo.

New of 2021/2019/2018

At FreeGameAccess, we are constantly updating and adding to our list of free online slot machines. Developers are always releasing new slots to keep up with the latest trends and popular features. For instance, developers like IGT and NetEnt release monthly slot content. To keep up, our team searches all over to provide the latest releases and updates! Is devoted to all the latest gambling releases, including the new slots 2020 and new slots 2019

Top 10 Most Popular

The following list is the top 10 most played free slots on FreeGameAccess based on times played:

Game Info
Jammin Jars Released in 2018 by Push Gaming, this is by far our most popular free slot game this year. It offers the chance of winning 20,000x the players' stake, an 8x8 cluster, 96% RTP, and high volatility. With all these features, it creates a fun and exciting experience. Some live streamers have won large sums with Jammin Jars!
Vikings Unleashed Megaways Released in 2018 by Blueprint Gaming, this online slot machine has gained a nice following on FreeGameAccess. It combines the popular Megaways mechanic with high-volatility, cascading, and strong 96% RTP. It also offers players free spin bonuses, fun sounds and a Multiplier Bonus Round.
Cleopatra Released in 2012 by IGT, Cleopatra slots have become a classic, and some even say it pushed slot machines in a new direction. It offers players a multiplier Free Spin bonus with a re-trigger feature. When compared to more recent releases, it can seem outdated, but it still ranks high with the 20-line slot machine with a 95% RTP.
Fat Rabbit With high volatility, 96% payout ratio, 50-line 5x5 and up to 1,000x winnings Push Gaming has another top 10 free slot machine on our list. Although, the real treat players enjoy are the expanding wilds with the free spin bonus, the more the rabbit eats, the bigger it gets!
Fishin Frenzy Released in 2014 by Blueprint Gaming and Reel Play, this one has remained a favourite among players. However, it's not the 10-line reels with the free spin bonus that draw players in. It offers a fun experience with up to 5,000x the stake and Fisherman Wilds with the free spins, then there's the 96% payout rate.
Eye of Horus Also, from Blueprint Gaming and Reel Play, this slot machine offers 10 pay lines with simplified graphics and gameplay. It offers a mid-volatility making it more balanced gameplay with just over 96% payout rates. The fun is with the free spin bonus with scatters and spreading wilds, which is why this Egyptian-themed online slot is so popular!
Book of The Dead Released in 2016 by Play’n Go as part of the Rich Wilde series, The Book of Dead gained popularity. It is loosely based on the Book of Ra and offers large winnings up to 5,000x, high-volatility, and fun gameplay. Maybe that is why it can easily be found everywhere, including here!
Bonanza Released in 2016 by Big Time Gaming, Bonanza is one of the earlier slot machines to use Megaways mechanics. Of course, that helped it gain traction among slot players, but it also offers the potential for large winnings with the multiplying free spin bonus and high-volatility.
Da Vinci Diamonds Released in 2012 by IGT, this is another classic with a decent 95% payout rate. The 20-line gameplay offers a simple but fun experience for players with a chance of hitting the free spin bonus.
The Goonies Released in 2018 by Blueprint Gaming, this one could make you want to do the Truffle Shuffle! It has a 1980s Goonies theme, Free spin bonus and a pick-me bonus. It offers 20-lines and a 96% RTP.

Best Software Providers

Slots Temple offers a wide range of free slots, provided by the top developers across the web. Players are able to win amazing cash prizes through a gaming experience online that is fun and exciting. The developers that provide these slots offer innovative games that entice players. Keep reading to learn more about the different software developers!

Game About
4ThePlayer This developer works with online slots, and are relatively new to the market. They focus on making games that are not only innovative but considerate of the players' needs. Games included are 9K Yeti & 1 Left Alive.
Ainsworth Working with the market since 95, Ainsworth has been responsible for many popular games for both online and on-site casinos. Their speciality is classic-style games.
Blueprint Gaming Megaways second biggest contributor to slots games, Blueprint Gaming, has most definitely made an impression on the gaming market online. They have even made a few branded games such as Mars Attacks and The Goonies.
Big Time Gaming Big Time Gaming made the mechanic for Megaways that provides the players with a ton of different ways to win. They are also most known for their slots that are attached to music themes. A could of the most popular slots are The Final Countdown and Danger High Voltage.
ELK Studios This newer Slots Developer made its appearance in 2012. They have come to be known for their innovative features for gameplay.
iSoftBet Directly responsible for several popular slots in the online market, iSoftBet offers a great number of branded slots. These slots are based on well-known TV shows and movies.
IGT While they originated as a land-based games developer, they have branched into the online gaming market with their generous features and impressive graphics.
NetEnt NetEnt is continuously making its name grow in the gaming market online. They are constantly creating exciting, innovative, and unique slots for players to have a good time. Their games are always top-quality and come equipped with graphics that are stunning. They always have something new to offer to online players.
Microgaming A well-known developer in the market today, Microgaming offers some of the most generous bonus features. Their jackpot networks are very progressive.
Play N Go Specialising in mobile optimised gaming, their slots allow players to enjoy their favourite games on the go. Play N Go brings an impressive range of games with exciting themes, amazing graphics, and fun games.
Pragmatic Play Releasing new games every other week, Pragmatic Play is a busy slots developer with over 200 games offered in 31 different languages.
Playtech In the online market, Playtech has become one of the single biggest developers around. They have been operating since 99, continuously making innovative and exciting games. Not only will you discover an amazing range of branded slots, but you also get progressive games as well.
Push Gaming Push Gaming takes an innovative approach at online slots with a modern twist. Some of the most unique slots made came from Push Gaming, including Joker Troupe, Fat Rabbit, and Jammin' Jars.
Thunderkick Constantly thinking outside the box, Thunderkick offers all kinds of unique and kooky themes with several features. Their slots definitely stand out from the others on the market.
QuickSpin Playtech bought out QuickSpin a few years ago. This purchase was made after many awards for innovative approaches at slots content production. To this day, they are still kicking out high-quality games.

Licensing And Regulation

When a player spins online slots, they are trusting the game developers and casino they are playing at. One of the most understandable questions that many players have is, "How are the slots regulated?" They also want to know about the measure put in place to make sure that the slots are indeed fair.

That is what is discussed in this post. Players will be happy to learn that there are heavy regulations on online slots. This is to ensure that the user isn't going to be ripped off by a game that isn't fair.

Requirements For Video Games

There are specific requirements for slots that must be followed by each software provider—these requirements reset out by every online gambling regulator. There are a massive number of factors, and they are very technical. For the sake of this content, we will be looking at UK's Gambling Commission's (UKGC) requirements that they laid out.

To begin, there must be an accessible explanation for the game. Players should be able to know how to play the game before staking money. Most slots will have detailed paytables and rules in their own sections. Other slots achieve this in other ways.

The RTP (Return To Player) percentage must be made clear to all players. It should be accessible inside the help files of the game.

Approved testing houses (covered below) grant certifications to video slots, and it is a requirement that these slots get one. Also, the RNG (Random Number Generator) must prove to indeed be random. UKGC dictates that there must be at least 2 seconds of time per spin. Also, they only allow a maximum of 100 autoplay spins at once.

This has only been a small fraction of the regulations and rules that dictate the slots online. It would take all day to cover every single one. Don't worry, there are over a billion spins tested at each licensed casino. They do these tests to confirm that the RTP is fair.

Regulators for Online Gambling

Each online gambling company, be it a game developer or casino, can only operate with a valid license from a regulator. European players have two main regulators, UKGC, and MGA (Maltese Gaming Authority). Both regulators hold high reputations with a no-nonsense approach for licensing.

Their licenses are guaranteed to adhere to strict regulations and rules. These regulations, as you previously read about, are very in-depth for slots online.

There are some lesser-known regulators that have positive reputations, such as Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Jersey Gambling Commission, Kahawake Gaming Commission, and Isle of Man (Gambling Supervision Commission). The UK has its own regulators. The country-specific regulators for the UK include The Danish Gambling Authority, ARJEL (France), AAMS (Italy), Belgian Gambling Commission, and Spanish Gaming Commission.

That isn't saying that all regulators are equal, in fact, one name stands out above the others; Curacao. This is the largest online regulator for gambling around the world. They hand out easy licenses, they are cheap, and operators only have a few hurdles to overcome to be awarded a license. Curacao's track record for checking on those they have given licenses too is very poor.

It is a strong recommendation that players only play at UKGC or MGA licensed casinos. Following this recommendation means you are playing regulated, fair, and safe games in an incredibly fair environment.


Testing houses are responsible for testing and ensuring that the slots that are up for certification are adhering to the relevant regulations and laws. There are more than 2 dozen testing houses. However, there are only 4 main ones. These main ones are the go-to choice for the majority of developers. They flock to these slot testing houses because of the reputation that they hold. Also, these houses are normally approved by multiple regulators of online gambling. Here are the Four Main Testing Houses:


This UK-Based operation has been around since 2003. Their speciality is game certification for the iGaming industry. They do also provide certifications for games that fall outside of the jurisdiction of the UK. This is possibly the largest testing house in operation. Their record is untainted for ensuring that the tested games are fair for the players.

Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)

Operating since 1987, GLI is one of the longest-running testing houses to date. They offer world-class testing, professional services, and certifications to different developers across the globe. Some of the largest software providers in the world work with GLI for game certifications.

iTech Labs

This testing house is based out of Australia. However, they still provide certification services for game software providers across the globe. The UKGC approves iTech Labs, just like the other listed testing houses. They are testing hundreds of games each year, giving out certifications for the qualified.

Gaming Associates Europe

GAE (Gaming Associates Europe) is an internationally recognised, independent, testing house. Not as big as the other testing houses mentioned, they focus their work with smaller gaming studios. Though approved by the UKGC, they have a tendency to work with companies that are outside the UK.

Which game is tested by which house isn't important information, therefore, you really don't need to check in on it. The only time it is relevant information is when you are playing a casino that isn't licensed, which you shouldn't do. Anyone can find out if a casino has a license or not, regardless of a regulator that they operate under. Licenses are legally required to be displayed for players in the footer section.

Common Misconceptions

It isn't uncommon for there to be some misunderstandings and misconceptions about online slots. In fact, it is natural. You are putting trust in a game without knowing whether or not it is actually fair. You only have the certification to rely on. Thankfully, the regulations of online gambling are strict and provide assurance that the slots that are certified are fair. There are a few dodgy game developers out there, but it isn't common to come across unfair games.

Every now and then, a few misconceptions emerge. However, some of them will be addressed here and now.

For starters, casinos have the ability to request that software providers give them alternate RTP settings when offered. Casinos do not have the ability, however, to change the way these games play. The games aren't just updated by developers either. In fact, if changes are to be made, they must have the update go through the testing process all over again. So, if a game suddenly feels different, or plays differently, 9 times out of 10, it is just your luck.

RNG dictates the results of all slots. This means, there is no pattern that the slots follow. Each spin made is a random result. What this means for the player is that it won't matter how many losing or winning spins are made, the next spin will not be altered by previous results. You are never due or guaranteed winning spin. In all honesty, slots are never a promised payout if you have been on a losing streak.

Conclusion of Regulations

Simply put, putting a new slot online isn't just pushing a freshly designed game. There are detailed work and regulations that must be seen in order for developers to release their new games. It takes a small fortune to actually get the game's certification

A player in the UK, playing an online casino that has a license from a reputable regulator (Such as UKGC or MGA), doesn't need to be concerned. The users are playing games that are both random and fair. The licensed slots will be regulated and adhere to relevant rules set in place.

Players are able to find thousands of free slots online. They can play comfortably knowing that there are regulations and rules that these licensed slots must adhere to. Users not only get a fair chance to earn free spins, free games, and cash prizes but also get true RNG for the online slots that are chosen to be played. Players need to make sure that the slot game that chosen is certified by a reputable regulator like UKGC and the MGA.


When you use machines, whether they’re physical or digital machines, you will probably see different machine terminology passed around. You might not understand all of these terms even if you’re an experienced player. Casinos come out with new machine terms all the time, which forces players to continuously educate themselves on the latest terms that have been made available.

There are so many new and exciting machines games coming out all the time. If you want to look like a bigshot at a casino, then you can impress people by demonstrating your knowledge of machine terminology. All you need to do is learn the machine terms and what they mean.

Below is a comprehensive glossary for your convenience:

Term Description
3D Video A type of game that uses 3D video, animation and other rich visual graphics to include as part of the gameplay. Animated graphics may even be incorporated into the symbols and the result of striking a win.
3-Reel An online machine with three rows and three reels. There are symbols lined up on each row.
5-Reel An online machine with up to four rows and five reels. There are symbols lined up on each row.
243 Ways to Win A game that offers multiple ways to win rather than one way to win. For example, you could have paylines that go horizontal, vertical, and diagonal in several different directions. Any combination of symbols on those paylines could be a winner.
Action The total amount of money betted on a single game session is called the action. It is a combination of the total amount won and lost. Some casinos issue s club cards to players, which allow the latter to track their various actions.
All Ways A game usually found on the internet. It offers hundreds of different potential paylines to the player. Not only can players win by matching symbols from left to right, but they can also win by matching symbols from right to left.
Annuity Winner If someone wins the jackpot on a machine, they can choose to have their payout come in annual installments rather than get paid all at once. The choice of annual installments would make them an “annuity winner.” Some people choose this option for tax purposes.
Autospin Some games have an “autospin” feature. It allows players to set how many spins they want to have in the game automatically.
AWP An acronym that means “Amusement with Prizes.” You’ll usually find AWP as a feature of traditional games, especially ones with fruit symbols. If a machine offers an interactive experience to players, then it will have AWP. For instance, a machine might include a game board with various buttons that players can use to select options for their game. There is no skill required for these games. In the United Kingdom, they previously had AWP games like Pot-O-Gold and Cherry Master. Unfortunately, online gaming has made AWP games almost obsolete.
Basic A traditional machine or game with one payline only. It will also have a fixed jackpot amount for every game. The jackpot will never change.
Bet The amount of money you wager before you spin the reels.
Bet Max Most games do not allow players to bet more than a specific number of credits per spin. This maximum number of credits is called the “Bet Max.” You will usually see a button on the machine or in the virtual game that is labeled “Bet Max.” Once you press the button, it will automatically cause you to bet the maximum number of credits allowed for that spin.
Bet Min Every game requires you to bet a minimum number of credits per spin. The minimum bet amount is called the “Bet Min.”
Bet One Betting one credit or unit of currency per spin is known as a “Bet One.”
Betting Units Units refers to the amount of money you bet in a particular currency denomination. For instance, one unit might be worth $1 or $5, depending on the location and the minimum bet set for the game. Betting units is the equivalent of betting credits. They mean the same thing.
Big Bertha Some physical casinos attract players by placing extra-large machines out where everyone can see them. The slang term for these huge machines is “Big Bertha.” They often have several more reels than ordinary machines too.
Big Hit Big Hit is another way to describe a player who “hits” the jackpot after matching the proper symbols in a payline
Bonus Feature A s game may reward players with a bonus that comes in the form of free spins, additional payouts, wild cards or symbols
Bonus Multiplier Machines These machines offer greater jackpot rewards to players who bet the most credits allowed per spin and then win. 
Bonus Round Players will sometimes be given a free spin for the chance to win additional cash or other prizes.
Branded Many machines are designed around a particular brand or theme, such as a movie or television show. The graphics, videos, and interactive features you see on a branded machine will revolve around that theme.
Candle A machine with a light on top is called a “candle.” When the player pushes the help button on the machine, it will cause the light to flash. It is supposed to signal for a staff member to come over and assist you at the machine. People who have trouble operating the machine or need to make change will be the ones to push this button.
Carousel When a group of machines are arranged in a circular or round formation, it is called a carousel. Casinos use carousels if a group of machines share a particular theme or feature. For instance, a carousel of machines might have the same “Bet Min” or currency denomination.
Cascading Reels A machine with cascading reels will give the winning player another win. After a winning combination of symbols is achieved, the symbols above them will replace those winning symbols. It gives the player additional chances to win and clam more prizes within the same spin.
Cashback An active player with a s club card can take advantage of special rewards, which are called cashback.
Certified Physical casinos might promote certified machines to guests. These machines are supposed to have a 98% guaranteed payout rate.
Classic The classic style machines still existing in some casinos. Vintage s require players to pull a hand lever to spin the reels of the machine. You’ll usually have only one payline with three symbols that you need to match to win a prize. There are no bonus features.
Coin In / Coin Out Coin in is how many units or credits that you bet. Coin out is how many units or credits that you won.
Coins If a machine accepts coins for betting purposes, then the term “coin” refers to the currency denomination for each coin that is bet. It could be one dollar, one pound, one euro, and so on.
Coin Hopper When a player wins coins during a game, the coins are held by a mechanical device that is called a “coin hopper.” When the player wants to cash out their winnings, the coin hopper will rotate inside of the machine and release the coins into the tray. The player collects the coins from the tray.
Coin Size The bet amount required for a specific game. Sometimes each payline will have its own required bet amount.
Cold If a machine does not offer any winnings to players for a long time, it is called a “cold .”
Collect The more sophisticated machines may have a “collect” button on it. This button lets players exchange their coins or credits for cash money.
Comps Comps is short for complimentary rewards. They are offered to club members who’ve accumulated enough points. The rewards might include free meals, hotel rooms or other nice accommodations.
Console Machines You won’t see too many console machines anymore. They were most popular during the 1930s and 1940s. Their purpose was to make the s games more exciting and enjoyable for players. They were really the first machines to have gorgeous and unique designs. If you visit an antique dealer who collects casino memorabilia, then you could probably find a console machine in their inventory.
Credits When you put coins into a machine, they are converted into credits. The credits are what you use to bet on a spin. Each credit could be worth one dollar, one pound or any other currency denomination.
Credit Meter The meter on the machine that shows how many credits are available for betting purposes. You might see the meter as part of the video animation or in a separate section lit up with LED lights.
Denomination The currency value per credit for the machine. It could be one pound, one dollar, and so on.
Doubles When the same symbol appears twice from a spin, it is called a double. The player usually wins double the normal prize amount.
Dragonfish In 2017, an internet game maker called “Dragonfish” was founded. They have grown in popularity very quickly.
Drops A term used specifically with online s games. It is when symbols “drop” on the reels into a perfect position.
Drop Bucket When the coin hopper rotates and releases its stored coins, the coins fall into the “drop bucket.” It is common for machines with low denominations to use drop buckets because their payouts are so small.
EGM EGM is short for the term “Electronic Gaming Machine.”
Expanding Wilds A unique version of the “wild” symbol found on machines. When you get an expanding wild symbol on a reel, it expands and covers the rest of the reel. This results in more credits won.
Feature Feature is another way of referring to bonuses that are rewarded by a machine, such as free spins.
Fixed Value Slot machines that require the player to bet one specific denomination or coin size for each spin. The player cannot change the betting amount.
Five Liner A machine that features three reels and five separate paylines. You’ll have three horizontal paylines and two diagonal paylines.
Freeplay / Free-to-play Slot games that are played for fun. There is no money bet or won. The gameplay is free.
Free Spin The machine might reward the player an extra spin as a bonus in some cases. They won’t have to bet any money for that spin.
Fruit Machine When machines were originally introduced in the United Kingdom, the British people called them “fruit machines.” The reason is that all the symbols on the reels were images of fruit.
Gamble Gamble is a basic term to describe when a player bets money on a spin with the hopes of doubling their bet.
Games Per Hour The number of games allowed to be played per hour. The term normally refers to a coin-operated machine. The average games per hour is 500, although it will vary based on the speed of the player.
Hammer a Machine If a player stays on the same machine for a long time with the hopes of winning the jackpot, they are trying to “hammer a machine.” It is a slang term.
Hit and Run A player does a “hit and run” when they play a machine with a single payline and bet the most credits possible on it. After a couple of spins, they will move onto a different machine if they don’t win anything on the previous machine.
Hit Frequency The average payout on a s game. For instance, if the hit frequency is four, the s game is expected to offer one payout after every four spins.
Hold Percentage The average percentage of the player’s money that is lost to the casino on a particular machine. For instance, if the machine has a 10% hold, then it might keep $1 for every $10 that is bet on average.
Hot Slot machines with high payout rates are called “hot s.”
Icons Another name for symbols is “icons.” People used to call them symbols until digital technology took over the casino industry. That was when casinos started passing around the computer term “icons” to refer to the symbols on machine reels.
IGT In 1990, the game maker “IGT” was established. They became very popular in the gaming industry over the next three decades.
Instant Winner A s player is an instant winner if they win a jackpot that gets paid out immediately rather than in yearly installments.
I-Slot An online game that lets players save their spot during a bonus round so that they can resume the bonus round at a later date.
Jackpot The number one prize that can be won from playing a machine. This prize pays the most amount of money.
Line Bet Slot machines with multiple paylines might let players bet on one or more lines. If you “Bet Max,” then it would let you play all the paylines.
Linked Progressive Jackpot Physical casinos might link multiple machines together in order for them to share the same jackpot prize. In other words, the players of multiple machines are contributing toward increasing that one big jackpot prize. One person from one of those machines will win.
Loose A loose machine means it strikes more wins for players on average.
Max Bet Another term for “Bet Max.” It refers to a player who bets the most amount of credits allowed for a single spin on a machine. It might have a button labeled “Max Bet” to make it easier for the player to place this bet.
MEAL book MEAL book stands for “Machine Entry Authorization Log” book. All of the entries of the casino employees are entered and tracked in this book.
Megabucks Megabucks is the name of a famous physical machine series manufactured by IGT. It has paid out more progressive jackpots than any other series of machines. Its highest record-setting single jackpot win was $37 million. It was paid in yearly installments over the course of 25 years. Over $167 million has been paid to approximately 11 jackpot winners.
Mega Fortune Mega Fortune is the name of an online s game. It holds the record for the highest online s jackpot payout, which was $17 million. Net Entertainment was the creator of Mega Fortune. It is one of the most popular online s game in the world, especially in Europe.
Mega Moolah Mega Moolah is an online s gaming series that revolves around an African savanna theme. It has paid out the largest progressive jackpot amounts of any other online s gaming series. Some people refer to it as the “millionaire maker” because it has made so many people millionaires overnight. That is why it is one of the most popular online s games in the world.
Microgaming Microgaming is a classic manufacturer of online s games. In 1994, they created one of the very first virtual casinos on the internet.
Mobile Slot games that you can play on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The games are made with Javascript or HTML5, which makes them playable on major operating systems like Android or iOS.
Multi-Line Bonus Machine Slot machines with several paylines in their games. Some have up to 50 paylines.
Multiplier A bonus feature in some games. When the player performs a bonus spin, they have the chance to multiply their winnings by as much as 10 times.
Multi-way A betting system associated with online s. It has the potential to have thousands of paylines.
Near Miss If a s player comes close to getting a winning combination but fails, it is called a “near miss.”
NetEnt NetEnt is a renowned online casino games manufacturer. They’ve created online machine games for more than two decades.
NextGen NextGen has spent over 20 years developing online s games and physical machines for casinos.
Nudge Some machines come with a special “nudge” feature, which allows players to move a payline up or down so that a winning combination can be made.
One Armed Bandit The classic machine model with one large lever on the side of it. The player must pull the lever in order to spin the reels of the machine. The lever is referred to as the arm, hence the name “one arm.” The word “bandit” is in reference to the classic American outlaws of the southern U.S. states, which was a region of the country that helped popularize machines.
One-Liner A machine with one reel and one payline. The player must match three winning symbols.
Onesies A player that bets one credit per spin on a machine.
Optimal Play When the player of a skill-based game uses an optimum strategy, the return rate of the strategy is called “Optimal Play.”
Payback Percentage Every game pays back a certain percentage of money to players throughout a specific time period. This is called the “Payback Percentage.”
Payline After the reels stop spinning, a winning combination of symbols must appear on a particular line for the player to receive a prize. This line is called the “payline.” A game could have one or more paylines.
Payout The amount of money paid when a particular winning combination is achieved on a s game.
Pay Table Each machine has a table or chart that shows all the possible winning combinations and the amount paid for each combination.
Penny A low-stakes machine where one credit is equal to one penny. You don’t see these machines so much anymore in the United States because the value of a penny is practically worthless now. However, there are still low-stakes machines in the United States with slightly higher amounts per credit. Low-stakes machines are more popular in other countries, which use the lowest coin denomination possible in their currency.
Pick Me Some games have a bonus feature called “Pick Me.” It lets players choose symbols to receive hidden rewards and prizes.
Playtech Playtech is a prestigious gambling software designer and manufacturer. The company was started in 1999. Since then, it has dominated the online gambling industry.
Pokies Australians use this term when talking about online games.
Primary Jackpot The highest prize amount that can be won on a machine or s game.
Progressive Machines Slot machines that increase their jackpot after each time someone plays on them.
Reel Stop One reel position after the reel stops.
Reels These are the disks that you see spinning around after you pull the lever or push the “Spin” button on the machine. Each disk has a series of symbols that spin along with it. After the reels stop, various symbols from each reel will form a payline in one or more directions. 
RNG or Random Number Generator A computer software program for machines. It is designed to choose a random combination of symbols for each spin.
Rows The horizontal lines on the reels that create a combination of symbols. 
Scatter Pay A bonus feature on some machines. When a specific symbol is on the payline after a spin, the player wins no matter what the other symbols may be.
Second Screen Bonus A bonus feature found on some video s games. If the player scores a winning combination on the first screen, it will cause them to see a second screen bonus. On this second screen, the player has the chance to win even more prizes.
Select Lines Some games let players choose how many paylines they want. These are called “Select Lines.”
Short Pay If a machine does not have enough coins to execute a full payout for the player, then a partial payout called a “Short Pay” is executed. The remaining balance of the payout is usually delivered by a casino staff member.
Short Win A player who wins the jackpot without playing the game for a long time.
Signature The machines branded by the casino.
Skill Bonus A bonus feature where the player must play a skill game, such as target shooting, to win more prizes.
Skill Stop Some machines allow players to push a “Stop” button to stop the reels prematurely instead of automatically.
Slant Top A machine with a chair or stool in the front of it, so players can sit and play at the same time.
Slot Club A casino membership program for players. It gives them incentive rewards and other complimentary gifts for being active s players.
Slot Host A casino employee who assists s players and addresses their membership questions or concerns. The employee will even offer them complimentary drinks, meals and shows if they bet large sums of money on the s. The purpose of a host is to keep players happy in one casino so that they don’t go to another casino and spend money there instead.
Slot Schedule The pay table of a machine. It shows the payouts of all the winning combinations for the game. You’ll find the schedule on the side of the machine in most cases.
Slot Talk A slang term that refers to players and hosts that exchange information between themselves.
Slot Testing When a player tries to discover the payout ratio of a game by betting a roll of coins to evaluate it.
Slot Tournament A competition between s players who are trying to win a grand prize.
Slot Type The type of machine, such as a basic machine, bonus machine or progressive machine.
Slots A short name to describe a machine or s game.
Slots Drop The amount of money gambled on a machine.
Slots Hold The amount of money not paid to the winning player on a machine.
Sound of Rain When a s player cashes out, the machine drops coins into the tray. The sound you hear as the coins drop is sometimes called the “Sound of Rain.”
Spin The rotation or spinning of the reels. When the player pulls the lever or pushes the “Spin” button, it causes this action to occur.
Stacked Symbols A reel with the same symbol showing all over it, or on most of it.
Stacked Wilds Wild symbols that alternate and appear over each other.
Streaky Slot machines or games that can go hot or cold at different times.
Symbols The pictures, graphics, or icons that appear on the reels. For instance, the classic fruit symbols on reels include cherries, lemons and oranges. It all depends on the theme of the machine.
Taste When a player continues to bet money on the s and receives a small payout, it is called a “taste.”
Theoretical Hold Worksheet The manufacturer’s manual for a machine. It states the theoretical percentage of money in which the machine ought to hold in conjunction with the amount of money betted. The manual also provides information about the machine settings, payout schedules, number of reels and so on.
Three Liner A machine or game that uses three reels. The objective is to match three of the same symbols to win the prize.
Tilt A failsafe system built into a machine to prevent someone from moving or tampering with the machine in order to win. The system will often trigger an alarm if it detects a tilt.
TITO: Ticket In / Ticket Out Slot machines where printed tickets are issued for payouts instead of coins. The player can take the ticket to the cashier and exchange it for money or coins.
Tight Slot machines with a reputation for having fewer payouts in comparison to loose machines.
Total Bet The total amount of money or credits betted at a single time on one machine or game.
Trail An extra bonus feature of some games. It lets players move up a ladder or around a track for the chance to win additional prizes.
Tumbling Reels Another way to describe cascading reels. It is when the symbols above the winning combination are used to allow the player more chances to win from the same spin.
Two Liner A machine with two reels and requires the player to line up six symbols on two paylines.
Up / Down Cycle When a machine experiences fluctuations to its average payout percentage.
Variance The amount of risk involved in playing a s game or machine. Low variance would mean that players have a chance of winning more frequently, but only smaller amounts of money. High variance means that players won’t win so much, but the few wins that do take place will be big wins.
Video Slot machines that show digital reels on a computer screen rather than physical reels and moving pieces. These are the most common machines found today. The video technology associated with these machines allows more creative effects and visually imagery to be seen as well. It makes the gaming experience more entertaining and exciting for the players.
Virtual Reel Reels controlled by computer programs. They are usually programmed to randomize the combination of each spin.
Wager Management The bankroll management system. It allows the player to manage their money as they play the s.
Well If you look at the very bottom of any physical machine, you will see a box where all the coins are held after a player cashes out. This box is the “well.”
WAP or Wide Area Progressive Slot machines from different casinos that are connected together and share the same progressive jackpots.
Weight Count An American term for the specific dollar amount of the credits or coins taken from the drop bucket of a machine and then weighed on a scale to figure out the amount. In other words, the weight of the coins determines their value.
Wild Symbol Alternative symbols that allow a player to win automatically, regardless of the other symbols on the payline.
Wild Multiplier A bonus feature associated with winning after getting wild symbols.
Win Anytime a particular combination of symbols rewards you with a prize.
Win Both Ways Slot machines with paylines that let players win by matching symbols from right to left and left to right.
Zig Zag Some multi-line machines allow players to win by forming a zig zag instead of only a straight line or diagonal line.

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A lot of research went into constructing this s glossary. We compiled all of the known English words and phrases associated with machines that are used at English-speaking physical casinos and virtual casinos throughout the world.

If you know of a machine term not on this list, then it might not be an English term. Of course, you can contact us and ask us about any term that you want. We’ll let you know if it is a legitimate English machine term or not. You can also ask us questions about machines in general.

Check back this page periodically because we’re always updating it with the newest machine terms.


Are There Free Online Slot Machines?

Of course, in fact, players can choose from thousands of them here at FreeGameAccess! We offer demo versions so players can test them out before making a financial investment.

We offer the most popular slots and recent releases to provide the largest database around. Currently, our database offers over 5,000 free slots and more added often.

How Can I Play Free Online Slots?

Simply browse our database of free online slots. Players can look for the slots they are interested in before paying in. There is no registration required, just choose the game and play. If your balance runs out, refresh the page and reset it.

Free online slots help you determine which slots you like or don't like before using real money.

Are Slot Machines Actually Random?

Although the slots offered at FreeGameAccess are just demos, we understand there are still concerns over how random slots are. The mechanics use a very sophisticated RNG (Random Number Generator) software. It is designed to produce number sequences at random, changing every millisecond.

To further guarantee they are random, RNG's are frequently audited by internal and third-party firms. Therefore, ensuring your favourite free slots are completely fair.

What Are The Best Online Slot Machines?

Today, most online slot machines use HTML5 and are compatible with desktop, laptop and mobile devices. They are loaded within the players preferred browser. Although there are dedicated apps that can be downloaded from trusted casinos, such as LeoVegas and Casumo.

How To Download Online Slots?

The majority of online slots offer players the chance to play within their browser of choice. However, for players looking for a downloadable slot machine app, you have to first find a trusted casino app. The casino suite does not always offer free demo slots because playing free demos in a web browser is easier.

That is why so many players choose to test out slots before buying them here at FreeGameAccess.

Can Free Online Slots Be Played Offline?

The majority of online slot machines use HTML5 and require a web browser, meaning it requires an internet connection to play. However, there are some slots that can be played offline by downloading a casino suite app to a mobile device or desktop.The selection will be limited for those looking for apps with free demos.

Can I Win Real Money From Free Slots?

Okay, this may sound like a strange question, but it's actually becoming more common for casinos to offer players a chance to win real money from free slot games. The trick is to locate a casino that offers a very generous free spin bonus offer.

Players should consider online slots that do not require wagering winnings on free spins, instead look for the online casinos that use a max bet system. There are many that will require players to wager their winnings, especially on higher amounts of free spins. However, there are some out there that simply limit the withdrawn amount from free spin winnings.

For instance, slot machines often limit the withdraw amount to 100. If the player were to win 150 from free spins, it would only allow them to withdraw 100. Still, this is a better option than being required to risk the winnings over and over.

Are There Online Slots Like In Vegas?

Online slots offer a very large selection. Players can find themed slots, modernised slot features, slots optimised for mobile devices, and of course more classic and traditional slots too. For players looking for a more traditional feel, Realistic Games has many free slots released based on the classics.

Also, players will be able to find many of the more traditional slots, including their favourites here at FreeGameAccess. Many developers, including Aristocrat, Bally, and IGT, have recreated various slot games based on their physical titles, converting them into online slot machines that can be easily accessed from a desktop or mobile devices.

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What Is Slot Volatility?

This is a term referring to the frequency a slot machine pays out to the player. It can be used to estimate the prize potential. Slot machines with higher volatility will pay out larger prizes, but players win less often. Of course, the lower the volatility, the more often the player wins, but prizes are smaller.

What Slot Machines Pay The Best?

Each slot machine has different return to player (RTP) stat. This can let players judge the average amount paid back to the player in prizes for every 100 coins wagered. On average, online slots have a payout rate or RTP around 96%. Although, some will over up to 98% RTP, such as Bloodsuckers by NetEnt.

Another high RPT slot is Esqueleto Explosivo, which offers a 97.6% RTP.

Why play real money?

In addition, you can also play many of the online casinos that allow you to register, as long as you have an active internet connection and a valid credit card. They will let you make a deposit the balance of the game into your account. As long as you have a valid PayPal or debit card number, you can make your deposit, and you will have access to their slot machines. This way, you are sure that you will be playing at a legal casino and that all your money is safe with them.

Most of the times, these online slots will allow you to play at different slot machine types. Some of them offer video slots, others offer real slot machine types, and some are even offering the option to make a deposit, or play with a maximum bet, whichever you would prefer.

One of the reasons why so many people prefer to play for real slots online is that playing for real slots offers a lot of money without any risks or worries of losing anything. However, the best thing about it is that you can enjoy the game while having fun without even getting into trouble with spending a single cent.

2020/2019 Best Online Slots Rating List

Online Slot GameRTPRating
Age of Asgard96.20%10
Legacy of Egypt96.50%10
Guns N’ Roses96.98%10
Planet of the Apes96.30%9
Jack and the Beanstalk96.30%9
Wild Toro 96.40%9
Gonzo’s Quest97%9
Ted Slot Machine97%9
Divine Fortune96.80%9
Poltava – Flames of War97.10%9
1429 Uncharted97.50%9
Motorhead 97.80%9
Bloopers 98%9
Sam on the Beach97.50%9
Hot as Hades97.00%9
Jack Hammer 2 96% - 99%9
When Pigs Fly97%9
Pink Elephants 98%9
Secrets of Atlantis97%9
The Invisible Man97.20%8,5
Thunderstruck 297.10%8,5
Immortal Romance 97.60%8,5
Demolition Squad97%8,5
Theme Park Tickets of Fortune 97.70%8,5
Hong Kong Tower 98.60%8,5
Jurassic World 97.75%8,5
Mega Moolah97.50%8,5
Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot 96% - 99%8,5
Castle Builder II99%7

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