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Kaplink by Kewlbox
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Similar to the classic Connect 4, this game is played on an upright, seven column game board. Each column has five positions. Player one alternates turns with Player two or a computer opponent by dropping a Kaplink down one of the columns. The Kaplink will drop to the lowest unoccupied position in that column. The first player to get four Kaplinks in a row (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) wins. The Round ends in a tie if the game board fills before someone wins. The game ends after four rounds. Bonus gems appear after the first round. If a Kaplink stops on the location of the Gem, the player receives extra points.


How To Play Drop the four kaplinks so that they are vertically, horizontally or diagonally altogether. Use your mouse to position the Kaplink and press the mouse button to drop.

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